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Default Printer Reminder at start-up and after hibernation

Select Default Printer from system tray menu

Detect and act on unwanted changes of default printer (hijack).

Checks that your default printer is the one you want and not that one in the Business Centre where you were working yesterday, so the confidential report you're about to print need not be read by all your colleagues or competitors.

An absolute godsend for mobile laptop users and for anyone with more than one printer.

DefPrin installs so it runs every time the computer is rebooted or the user logs on.

Warns you if the current default printer is not your usual one and lets you change to another printer if you want, then it goes away.

Optionally it remains in the system tray and you can use it at any time to change to another printer. 

Check which is current default printer with one mouse-click.
Change default printer with one more click.

If the computer has been suspended or in hibernation it can do its usual checking when the computer wakes up again.

Why Use DefPrin?

DefPrin Features


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Why use DefPrin?

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Here's a little story to amuse you and to illustrate DefPrin.

John travels to a number of sites at different locations where he is able to plug his laptop into the corporate network in the local business centre and use the printers there.

At each site he has to remember to change his Windows Default Printer to one that is actually there if he wants to do any printing.

One day he happily clicks on the "print" button in his word processor program to print out a confidential report he has been preparing for his boss about the reorganisation they have been planning.

Unfortunately John had forgotten to change his Default Printer from the one he was using yesterday at the factory, with the result that the report is printed over there while John is wondering where it has got to. 

By chance the person who finds the report lying in the printer's output tray at the factory is a local union representative. He finds it very interesting reading.

John's boss finds out before John does that the sensitive news has leaked, and John wonders whether he will still have the new role he had expected.

If John had DefPrin installed on his PC the software would have reminded him as soon as he had switched it on, saving him a great deal of embarrassment and heartache.

DefPrin is a really neat little solution to the problem of having too many things to remember to do. It doesn't just provide a passive function that you have to remember to call upon - it remembers for you and reminds you every time.

Download the software now by clicking here. It's free for up to 30 days for you to try out and decide if it's for you. Then you can come back to this web site and Register for a license to use it indefinitely.  

We have been using DefPrin for years now ourselves and wouldn't be without it. 

DefPrin Features

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Active reminder on boot-up
Direct selection of printer by name
Optionally remains on-call to help you change your Default Printer setting instantly
Optional "Base Printer" so that when you are at "Base" and the Default Printer is the Base printer you needn't be asked to verify 
Ability to add more printers
Optional checking/resetting of Internet Explorer's default printer too (IE5.5 bug)
Can re-check the default printer when the computer has been "hibernating"
Detects when another program changes the default printer and can optionally remedy this automatically
DefPrin has been doing this reliably for 



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Here is an example of what you see if DefPrin thinks you might have the wrong printer configured as the Default Printer for your computer: 

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System Requirements

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Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000 and XP.

600KB disk space, plus temporary installation files.


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This is just a small selection of the dozens of similar reviews and awards this software has received. Of course, these relate to the previous version as version 1.73 was only uploaded just now.




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