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We use the services of PayPal, to process our registrations, and this ensures that your credit card details remain confidential between you and PayPal. We will never see your confidential details, and the only information we will receive is your basic contact information such as name and email address. We need this information to be able to send you your Key Code to unlock the software.

We would also like to keep you informed occasionally of new releases of the software, though of course you can opt out of that if you prefer. See Privacy, below.

PayPal is the well-known financial service related to eBay, and is extremely reliable and discreet.

PayPal provides the facility to pay in a variety of currencies, including US, Canadian and Australian Dollars, Euros, Yen and Pounds Sterling. When you click on the PayPal button below you can check the exact price in your preferred currency.

A single-user license costs US$19.95 or equivalent


A single-user license costs US$14.95 or equivalent

Click here to view the generic license we will ask your agreement to.

When you click the PayPal button

You will be taken to one of PayPal's own web pages where you can complete your purchase of the software you selected.

Whether you complete the transaction or you decide to cancel out of it, you will be returned to this web site.

What Happens Next

When you have registered the product you will receive a Registration  Key code via email from us. 

Next time you run the software, when you are prompted to "Enter Key" you should enter the Name and Registration Key exactly as shown on the email. You can use copy and paste to do this.

As soon as you have entered the Registration Key you will no longer see a Reminder to register, and the About box will show your name as the registered user.

Thereafter you can use the software as much as you like and for as long as you like, subject to the terms of the License that you will have agreed to during installation of the software. 

PayPal sends us the details of your registration, but no credit card details or anything like that. We can then let you know about future new and improved versions of the product, and even if you opt out of that we still need to know what keys have been allocated and who is eligible for support.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our software we offer you a full refund of your licence fee up to 30 days from your registration.


We do not charge for minor version upgrades. Each time we improve or update the software, as a Registered user you may download the new version, install it and immediately use it, subject to the same license as before; the software will recognise the Key you had already entered, so you will still be fully registered. 

When we make a major upgrade that includes significant enhancements we may require a further registration fee, though we will continue to support earlier versions.


We will not pass your name or any other details on to anyone else, and we will only use the information we have for the purposes of (a) verifying your registration in case of support or upgrade, and (b) optionally telling you of new versions of the software you have registered for and of other Insync Software products and services as and when they are published. If you do not want us to inform you as in (b) above, please send us an email (support@insync-software.com) saying so.

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Last updated 02 March 2017