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Manages a catalog of images, whether these are digital images stored on your computer or film-based images that you have not digitized.

The catalog is a tree-structure of Categories, and any photo can be in any number of Categories at the same time. This lets you find photos based on what you are looking for rather than by first trying to remember where you put them. You can find combinations of Categories, e.g. photos that are in "Family" and "Sophie's wedding" but not in "Peter".

Main Features


What CataMalin Does and Why




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System Requirements

Main Features:

Organizing digital images from cameras, scanners, phones, ...
Managing records for physical photos with or without images
Multi-level Categories to any depth
Photos can be in many Categories at the same time
Uses EXIF data from digital images, including thumbnails
Creates thumbnails where needed
Data entry can be tailored to minimize pain and tedium
Catalog Wizard simplifies handling a new set of digital images
Auto-rename image files according to your own rules
Auto-rotate images according to camera settings
Auto-move image files from a staging area to your chosen destination
Retain original images entirely unchanged
Handles JPEG, TIFF and many other standard image file types
Reads IPTC data and associates keywords with Categories
Handles over 100 formats of camera-specific RAW image file types
Associate a sound file with any image
Export photo data in text files
Import photo data from text files
Do "slide shows" of selected photos optionally with sounds
Extract images for use elsewhere, e.g. on the Internet or for email
Basic Photo Editor
Photo Browser
Bulk Renaming
Manages many thousands of images

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Click here for an example of CataMalin's thumbnail view. 

What CataMalin Does and Why

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There are many software products available for organizing your digital photos, creating albums and so on.

Most of them are fine to begin with, but when you have thousands of images to manage they become unwieldy and you start to have to browse through hundreds of pages of thumbnail images or hundreds of "albums" to find what you want. When you have owned a digital camera for a year or two you will no doubt have thousands of images, some good and some not so good. You may not really want to discard any but the most awful of them and they can get in the way.

Many of us have been taking photos for years, since the pre-digital age, and have built up impressive numbers of physical photographs - negatives, slides (or diapositives) and prints. You can use CataMalin without digital images by creating a record for each photo, and identifying where the image is to be found in your physical filing system, along with a good deal of other optional information about the photos. CataMalin can manage a mixture of photo records with and without digital images, so you can keep records for your film-based collection along with those for your digital images.

CataMalin's unique multi-level tree structured Categories makes it much easier to manage many thousands of photos. You can combine searches to find, for example, "photos of Alice sailing in Greece, with a boat but not showing Sean".

CataMalin takes the hard work out of cataloguing your photographs, whether digital or film based. You can catalog a batch of photos such that each field on the form defaults to the same as on the previous photo, and always starting with the Title. 

A given photo can belong to any number of categories at the same time, and you can easily view the photos that are in a combination of categories.

You can record absolutely minimal information about each photo when you "catalog" it with CataMalin, and you can add it to other Categories "on the fly" as and when you like, such as by clicking on one or more photo thumbnails and dragging them onto a Category.

You can also record other information of your choice about each photo, and the software makes entering this information relatively painless. Then you can search on the information you have entered as well as using the categories. Information that is in the EXIF data recorded by a digital camera can be automatically extracted too.

Some digital cameras record which way up the camera was when the picture was taken. CataMalin takes this into account when displaying such a photo. 

CataMalin provides only very minimal editing for the actual photo images because there are plenty of excellent and sophisticated photo editing products on the market. When you are organizing your photos you will often want to rotate, flip or crop them, and these tools are provided on the cataloging form. 

CataMalin comes with a comprehensive Help file, so if you want to know more, please download and install the software! 

Download the software now by clicking here. It's free for up to 30 days for you to try out and decide if it's for you. Then you can come back to this web site and Register for a license to use it indefinitely.  

System Requirements

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Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista or 7.

3MB disk space for the software, plus typically 5 to 50 MB for your photo catalog, depending on how many photos you choose to manage. Each thumbnail image typically takes about 5KB, and each photo's record takes about 1.5KB.

For example, for 10,000 digital images we are looking at around 65MB, or for 10,000 records for physical photos that haven't got digital images we are looking at about 2MB.

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