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CataMalin Version History


17Oct2015 3.0.15 New function to help separate groups of images taken in burst mode and/or for HDR by renaming the files.
Renamer can now rename folders.
Renamer can now normalise names at the start of a file/folder name, 
  - from "Bowie, David -" to "David Bowie -" for example.
Split off preference for capitalise to separate out whether category names are capitalised. Best practice says they sould be just lower case except for names.
Added field to List View possibilities to indicate whether File or Rec is more up to date.
Hidden or System file and folder attributes prevent cataloging images of or in this type.
Owner name now lists correctly, as does last column in List View.
New function to set the Owner for selected records.
Selecting a blind parent category is now much quicker.
Improved & corrected search for incorrect thumbnail orientation.
Added progress bars to searches.
Improved decision-making as to whether a thumbnail needs recreating.
Upgraded ZP library to 5.5.
Minor stability improvements.
1May2015 3.0 Many improvements to handling metadata in photo image files.
We now use Category names instead of having separate but related Keywords. A Category can now optionally be a synonym of another Category. 
Any Category can be used as a Keyword (IPTC) or not.
Changes to metadata can be queued up to be applied asynchronously as and when there is time.
Upgraded to ImgSource v6 and ZPimage v5.1
Many improvements to usability, reliability and performance
9Mar2014 2.9.059 Minor improvement to Move Folder Reference.
Improvements to IPTC data, Properties, moving image files.
Changed fonts in dialogs to improve clarity and readability.
18Feb2014 2.9.055 EXIF camera Make and Model enlarged.
New preference so you can choose to ignore RAW files as far as CataMalin is concerned.
Ability to export keywords in Lightroom format.
Revisions of Keywords and other IPTC data.
New install wanted a Registry key that wasn't there.
30Sep2013 2.9.041 Corrected installer such that it now creates the entries in the Windows Start Menu properly.
Enhanced data displayed in lower-right status bar.
1Sep2013 2.9.039 Image extract can prefix file names with a sequence number, so that slideshows on tablets and phones can be in the sequence you created in CataMalin.
Optionally the image file's Date Taken can be updated to the value entered in CataMalin. Particularly useful for scanned images.
Drop-down date filter for Thumbnail and List views, such as to show pictures taken in the last so-many weeks, months or years. or those taken so-many weeks, months or years ago.
Lower-right status bar now shows summary info about first-selected picture, and can be enlarged to show its thumbnail and further info.
Minor corrections: horizontal scrolling of List view.
17May2013 2.9.034 Upgraded to later versions of ImgSource and Saraw.
Ensured horizontal scroll bars in Category tree remain visible when needed.
Performance improvement related to Category searching.
Improvement to management of photos belonging to a category.
Corrections: sorting, internal checks, re-use of disk space, never-image file extensions.
7Dec2012 2.9.028 Minor performance improvements.
22Oct2012 2.9.022 Improved scrolling on Thumbnail View when you drag the scroll bar slider.
Corrected loading and saving of file extensions that are always/never image files.
15Oct2012 2.9.020 Minor performance improvement on program close.
23Sep2012 2.9.017 Now supported under Windows 7 and Vista.
29Mar2012 2.9.008 Minor stability improvements.
9Feb2012 2.9.006 In photo edit/categorize, we now remember more Title texts in the drop-down.
Improvements to bulk rename dialog functionality, including reorder fields in a filename.
Sorting on file names takes into account any numeric part.
Improvements in Show involving panning and auto-advance.
Minor improvements and corrections.
12Oct2011 2.9.003 Major performance improvement with selecting a category that has many photos.
New Dateline tool for selecting photos from a given date onwards.
4Sep2011 2.9.000 Made Layouts consistent between databases. 
Databases need to be migrated to an improved format; this is done automatically next time each database is opened.
Corrected a rare and obscure bug involved in indexing.
Missing file dialog didn't succeed in showing original thumbnail.
22Jun2011 2.8.020 Image viewed during cataloging is not scaled, allowing you to zoom to actual pixels.
Editing a Category didn't store the change if it was only to an attribute.
On Thumb View, with pictures filtered by Rating, selecting an image to Show started with the wrong one.
9May2011 2.8.017 Adjust Dates can now update EXIF dates in image file(s).
Corrected Adjust Dates to accept a specified day.
For the set of files to be catalogued, you can now choose date taken sequence as well.
Renamer now has a push-button checkbox to indicate whether to keep the dialog open.
Equivalent to a Content Painter tool, to take all the record values and settings of the "Remembered" record and copy them to the Selected records, either replacing or augmenting.
Improved making sure we have all the system categories when we open a db, when maybe some had been deleted.
Improved Delete Empty Categories to do its job more thoroughly.
Show single record didn't let you show others (the special case when you select only one record). New option in Thumb View to have the MRU Categories list open, then if you click on one of the Categories in the MRU list, it gets assigned to all the currently selected records.
Option with Compress DB not to delete all the thumbnails.
Compress database didn't fix up parents of memos.
4Dec2010 2.8.011 Catalog wizard now defaults to not re-cataloging photos that are already catalogued.
26Nov2010 2.8.010 New caption bar on Show, with option to disappear when the cursor is out of reach.
10Oct2010 2.8.009 Improved sorting of Categories. New Categories now default to being sorted on Date Taken.
25Sep2010 2.8.008 Crash caused by some images taken with Nokia N95 phone and not fully JPEG compliant.
Corrected minor error in Folder Correspondence.
More EXIF data included in Properties.
12Sep2010 2.8.006 We were getting too many categories expanded in the Tree.
5Sep2010 2.8.005 You can now Copy images to the Clipboard so they can be Pasted into other applications.
28Aug2010 2.8.004 Selecting a bulk Rename pattern drop-down didn't refresh the After tab.
The toolbar button Exclude Child References didn't indicate it was selected.
Extract as Wallpaper now sets dimensions of screen, optionally cropping if necessary.
6Jul2010 2.8.003 Corrected occasional crash.
4Jul2010 2.8.002 Improved Help file.
27Jun2010 2.8.000 Upgraded imaging support library to speed up image display. 
11Jun2010 2.7.013

Enabled some new functionality that has been beta tested for several months.

    - Browse folder and edit images

    - Folder Correspondence

    - Rename multiple files

Please see the Help file.

Speeded up selecting a category containing a lot of photo records.

6Jun2010 2.7.011 Now put message up when can't find the path in the drop-down on adding a new image using wizard.
Improved Category selection logic.
We now store search criteria as a memo of the search results category and use that to display at the top of Thumb view where it says "Results". We now remember search criteria in the cfg file.
Search Any field didn't include title.
If a record hasn't got an image (not just missing), we display text from the Title and Description instead of a thumbnail.
Tightened up moving a category, when one of the parents is My Categories.
Improved Find category to search for a category whose name "contains" the search argument. Find again starts from where it left off, unless the argument was changed. Successive categories found will be in sequence of how they are displayed normally in the tree.
Corrected inserting a symbol into Title on EdPic.
Apply cropborders to thumbnails created by createthumb.
Got tree search going in Edit dialog using Ctrl-F and F3.
Can now choose a photo to use as the "remembered one" for Edit dialog. It's the first one selected in List or Thumb View.
Implemented "Resume" button on catalog wizard, enabled after user has gone through the wizard once. Next time he can complete the whole wizard by just clicking the Resume button, applying all the same settings as last time.
Changed EditMemo so that pressing Enter does a new line instead of having to do Control-Enter.
Improved management of keyboard focus on Edit dialog.
In Edit dialog, when you come back from Viewing the image, sets focus to the field that was the current one just before clicking the View button.
An external disk plugged in while CataMalin is running didn't get recognised.
Rationalised the way the Tree View opens/closes categories. Now we keep track of which items are expanded/collapsed and whether the children are made visible, regardless of whether they have been scolled out of view.
Minor improvements and corrections.
14Nov2009 2.6.022 Minor improvements and corrections.
20Sep2009 2.6.018 New option in Find Missing Files to skip hidden files/folders.
The Originals folders are now created as Hidden.
19Sep2009 2.6.017 When you select one or more photo records in Thumb or List view, we now indicate which Categories this/these belong to by making the Categories Bold in the Tree view.
Minor improvements.
31Aug2009 2.6.015 Minor improvements.
23Aug2009 2.6.014 Enhanced portability of database to enable distribution on a disk or usb key.
Enhanced parsing of MakerNote data. Now finds Nikon/Canon ISO setting more reliably when this is buried in the MakerNote.
Renamed references to Film Speed to ISO Speed.
Added "megapixels" column available for List View. Also searchable.
Can now Search on width, height and depth.
5Jul2009 2.6.011 During a Show you can now assign current photo to Categories.
New option to save original photo to sub-folder when making edits.
Title is now a drop-down box when editing photo record, remembering the last few Titles values used.
When Renaming files, those that exist in the currently-open database will have their records updated to the new names.
Added Owner to List view columns allowed and to autosets.
Improvements to migrate from earlier database versions.
Improvements to handling of Customers/Contacts/Owners and to Memos.
Improvements to indexing by date.
24May2009 2.6.008 Minor improvements and corrections.
3 May 2009 2.6.004 Improved re-use of deleted records thereby reducing growth of database size.
New option for saving modified image files: keeps a copy of the original in a folder within the folder where the image is. This retains the original file name but also retains the original file unchanged.
Making a combination with a Category only fetched those that weren't in a child category belonging to the Category.
22Feb2009 2.6.003 Enlarged text fields for photo title and category name, added an optional "memo" attached to a category. This requires upgrading any existing database(s), although we retain a copy of the existing one with a slightly different name.
Warning message when you try to add a category that already exists with a different parent. You can still use the same name under different "parent" categories.
Improved and simplified handling of auto-move/rename/copy when cataloging.
Some minor improvements.
23Jan2009 2.5.018 Introduced linkage between Camera and the associated type and film size. When you select a known camera, we look up a table to find if it has a specified Type and/or Size, then set those fields accordingly.
Improved parsing of Make and Model, combining without repetition and in Title Case.
Properties (Cameras) now sorts the combo box list.
New Categories MRU list optionally on-screen with EdPic. Click on one of these to select in the dialog's Tree. We add to the MRU list when user selects/unselects a category.
Improved inexact matching of filenames containing a number, and those containing significant substrings in common. If we find an exact match, then we get rid of any inexact matches for that file name.
Can now View multiple images at once. These view windows are independent and run as though they are separate applications - switch between them using Alt-Tab.
Improved redraw of the Category tree.
New Preference to open a category when you select it, default is true.
Corrected an occasional problem that occurred when moving a lot of categories 
Improved speed of displaying thumbnails.
27Dec2008 2.5.016 Corrected Search where Exact and Not equal were wrong way round.
24Dec2008 2.5.015 Added flexibility for captions.
Improved start-up time.
Corrected displayed image dimensions.
Heading of List and Thumbs now shows name of selected Category/Combination.
Corrected crash when editing hundreds of records together.
23Nov2008 2.5.012 Fixed an out-of-memory error when doing a Show or hundreds of photos on a large memory machine.
22Nov2008 2.5.011 Can now specify names of scanners found in EXIF data that should be ignored in favor of a user-defined camera name.
Provided editable settings for no of MRU items, including file make, type, size, speed, camera, storage, tech. You can edit these MRU lists too.
Special characters bar now working again.
Catalog Wizard now allows user to select MRU path for images.
Optional small icon on thumb view in each thumb's margin to show quality rating.
Can use F5 to do a Show from Thumbs and List.
Now have an extra _System category for the current/last combination, like Search Results.
Finding missing files (inexact) now matches where numbers have same value but with different leading zeroes.
Speeded up loading/displaying images.
Can view image full screen when editing a photo record.
Button to show/hide special characters panel when editing a photo record.
Option in Rename Files to resequence a set of file names.
Fixed occasional crash when making a large number of changes to the organization of Categories.
20 Aug 2008 2.5.008 When you select just one photo or a contiguous set for a slide show, this will just be the initial view and you can now view those beyond the selection.
Search now allows searching on Keywords.
20 Jul 2008 2.5.007 Corrected error in comparing thumbnail dates.
12 Jul 2008 2.5.006 New "Browse images in folder" feature to view/edit images not yet catalogued.
New bulk Renaming feature.
New Edit Image feature for simple edits.
Some performance improvements in start-up and shut-down.
Stability/reliability improvements.
15 Mar 2008 2.5.000 Reads IPTC data (title, description, keywords, ...)
Keyword handling, mapping to Categories.
Get data from RAW files (EXIF, Thumb)
Option to make a JPEG copy of a RAW for quicker use in Shows.
Now we handle more RAW formats.
Title edit popup during Show.
Can open an image with your image editor without having a copy made, e.g. for printing.
Double-click on a record now opens it full screen Show instead of opening its record for editing.
Add Image wizard now lists files in the wizard panel instead of a separate dialog.
Cropping black border of thumbnails is now controlled by a Preference.
More toolbar buttons.
More options for system categories under Dates.
More tooltips.
Improved indexing
Improved window sizing.
Improved saving of Preferences.
Improved display stability of Tree, Thumbs, List and Show (sort/seq, which categories open).
Faster Express cataloging.
Stability/reliability improvements.
12 Nov 2007 2.4.045 Many reliability improvements.
Can now target a specific folder when finding missing image files.
Upgraded external image handling library.
Upgraded database indexing.
15 May 2007 2.4.043 When editing a photo record, you initially get a summary of the categories it belongs to instead of the whole tree with sparse ticks in it. Click on the tree panel to show the whole thing. 
The List View now displays the categories in a consistent sequence.
Some Date Preferences were duplicated.
Some items were "remembered" from record edits when they should not have been.
4 May 2007 2.4.042 Fixed a bug in delete/remove record from subset (where Quality LEQ some value).
Move Folder Reference didn't display moved folders correctly.
Editing common fields got categories wrong: it Set all categories selected for all records selected, regardless of which had been selected for just a subset of records.
Editing common fields didn't recognize changed selection of combo boxes.
Selection (photos) is now retained when switching between List and Thumb view.
List view now can display all categories of a photo in the Categories column.
On completion of Move Folder Reference, we now re-check Missing Files and refresh the view.
Increased the log file size to 200KB.
2 Apr 2007 2.4.041 Upgrade caused some previous settings to be lost; now they will remain.
These included recognized file types, Extract Sets and Catalog Sets.
30 Mar 2007 2.4.040 Fixed bug in delete/remove record from subset (where Quality LEQ some value).
21 Mar 2007 2.4.039 New system-maintained Category "Unrated" containing images you haven't yet assigned a quality rating.
New "sets" of parameters for adding images to the catalog, so you can maintain two or more strategies for cataloging (e.g. digicam / scanned).
Enhanced Extract for images destined for a PDA.
Added some more EXIF tags defined in EXIF Spec 2.2.
Improved remembering of scroll position.
Improved menu handling after a Show.
Improved remembering of window size/position.
New installer, offering on-demand auto-update from our web site via the Start Menu.
26Feb2007 2.4.038

New Preference to ignore EXIF data when adding new images, for those originating from a scanner where the EXIF data is not relevant.

Indicates non-visible selected categories in edit dialog.

Automatically refreshes thumbnails based on image date-time and size.

Adjusting image dates now available in thumbnail view.

When adding new images, the Prev button now saves any edits.

Properties dialog now has tabs that show database data as well as EXIF data and thumbnail.

Improved updating of category member counts displayed in tree view.

Improved database reorganization.

Fixed error in deselecting categories in some circumstances.

Deleting a photo from the database and then adding it again sometimes didn't work properly.

Improved accuracy of automatic date category membership changes.

28Dec2006 2.4.037 When a photo record is edited, all deselections of categories now take effect properly.
17Dec2006 2.4.036 Fixed errors related to: delete images from database, exporting wrong image size, multiple-record edits.
7Nov2006 2.4.035 Fixed occasional crash related to "progress bar".
Now limits the size of a thumbnail image coming from EXIF data in the image file.
29Oct2006 2.4.034 Shows number of photos in each Category in Tree.
Corrected changing a renaming scheme.
Fixed internal error in some common functions.
Corrected some minor bugs.
15 Oct 2006 2.4.033 New Memo text feature.
Record copyright Owner.
Fixed error when cataloging images in the root of a disk or CD.
16 Sep 2006 2.4.031 New Export/Import facility that can be used with a spreadsheet.
When cataloging a photo record, Skip still saved a record.
Bug fixes: Date Preferences with no database open; empty image file showed ".jpg"; Date Printed in List View was wrongly formatted.
30 Aug 2006 2.4.030 Fixed bug: in Combinations mode clicking on My Categories caused an error.
29 Aug 2006 2.4.029

Search now has date picker.
New feature in List View to adjust dates and times.
Changed default auto-renaming scheme to not include id.
Now automatically populates Unclassified category.
Can now set up a choice of image editing programs to call.

31 Jul 2006 2.4.028 Improved Help.
23 Jul 2006 2.4.027 Released.
More toolbar buttons, and quality selection drop-downs.
Can create Wallpaper.
Can view category's pictures without those of its children.
Launch image editor and use updated image file.
Named sets of settings for Extract dialog.
Numerous performance improvements and bug fixes.
2 May 2006 2.4.024 Added GIF support.
Improved handling of window resizing.
Improved photo record data field error handling.
If Properties for a non-existent image file is invoked, the image now joins the "Missing" category.
Corrected bug when searching for missing images.
12 Mar 2006 2.4.023 Fixed bug related to .jpg on the end of generated file name being missed out. Automatically set to .jpg next time record edited.
11 Mar 2006 2.4.022 Didn't hide image(s) from Thumb view.
22 Jan 2006 2.4.021 Changed menu item "Catalog Images" to "Add Images to Catalog", as it seems more intuitive.
Corrections: records not always redisplayed when changing view; Slide Show sequence was sometimes different from List/Thumb sequence.
Date-time picker updated only the date taken.
Unknown file extension: "my mistake" had no effect.
18 Jan 2006 2.4.020

Speed-up of List View.
Corrected problems with large thumbnail images and with rotating an image during cataloging.

3 Jan 2006 2.4.018 Corrected potential error in List View.
18 Dec 2005 2.4.017

Corrected handling of missing files.
Improved List view to follow normal Microsoft standards.
Removed sorting from the Category menu for List and Thumb. Sorting is achieved more easily and flexibly using the List view and clicking a column heading.
Text display buffer used in Move Folder wasn't big enough.
Output dimensions of thumbnails were incorrect when black borders were cropped.
Some maintainability and reliability improvements.

27 Sep 2005 2.4.016 Now has a function to find mis-filed image files.
3 Sep 2005 2.4.015 Better handling of Nikon raw images.
Dates can now have time as well.
Added some right-click Properties and Thumbnails.
Replaced date calendar pop-up with standard one.
Better handling of CD's and read-only files/folders.
New system category Missing, containing those photos whose image file is no longer where it was thought to be.
The EXIF thumbnail from some cameras had a big black border which we now crop.
Several small bugs fixed, including another one in TIFF, film strip, vertical scrollbars, field sets.
4 Aug 2005 2.4.014 Added new function to edit common fields of multiple records at once.
Several small bug fixes, including some TIFF handling, file selection, and Combination Mode.
31 May 2005 2.4.013 Corrected error in importing data.
29 May 2005 2.4.012

Corrected file selection in cataloguing.

New feature: Move selected photos.

Improvements and corrections to List view.

Corrections to Make Thumbnails activity (for missing ones).

Sometimes photo orientation was not picked up from EXIF data.

Replaced the Setup program so you can choose where to put CataMalin in the Start Menu.

26 Apr 2005 2.4.010

Corrected a bug that caused a hang if searching for a path.

Fixed a disappearing vertical scrollbar.

Improved Move Folder - now it's Move Folder Reference.

Some other minor bugs fixed.

23 Apr 2005 2.4.009

Corrected sharing violation on moving an image.

First time now remembers recently used files afterwards.

Memory release function during Show no longer hangs on small memory systems.

17 Apr 2005 2.4.008

Improved file selection in wizard.

Import and Export bugs fixed.

Corrections for fetching image(s) from an unmounted CD.

11 Apr 2005 2.4.007

Retain position and selection after editing a record.

Keep more than one session in log file.

20 Mar 2005


Initial public beta release

30 Aug 2003 2.0 Major upgrade
16 Jun 2001 0.1 Initial prototype

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