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Today's Anniversaries
 there's always something to celebrate


Installs in your Startup program group so that each time you start or login to your machine it pops up with some interesting but useless and trivial information to brighten-up your day. A click or a keystroke disappears it immediately, and it does not remain in memory.

Today's Anniversaries shows the current date according to the standard western Gregorian calendar, and according to the Jewish, Muslim and French Revolutionary calendars.

It shows one or more historical events that occurred on this day in the past, such as battles, train crashes, earthquakes, coronations, deathdays of famous people, birthdays of even more famous people and those still alive, and so on.

You can edit the anniversaries and add some of your own.

The standard anniversaries are updated on our web site periodically and you can download a fresh copy whenever you want. When you do so, your own anniversaries remain unchanged and will be applied to the downloaded file - they are stored in the user's Application Data folder in the file Custom.txt.

Today's Anniversaries is Freeware - although of course we retain copyright (see License).

This is what it looks like:

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System Requirements

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Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000 and XP.

150KB disk space, plus temporary installation files.

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Last updated 02 March 2017