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CataMalin Sample Database

We have provided a sample database with a set of images, for you to try out the software and to learn how to use it. You can download this from the Download page on this web site. It is free of charge.

The images are copyright, belonging to the photographer who took them. Please respect this and only use the images for the purpose of exploring the use of the CataMalin software. You may not publish these images or reproduce them.

The file you download is a zip file containing the following:

SampleDB.cmb    (the database file)

SampleDB.cmc    (the database settings file)

51 JPEG image files

Use WinZip or an equivalent program to unpack the files into a folder of your choice.

When you run CataMalin and open the database "SampleDB", it will display this dialog box:

 In this example we have unpacked the database and images into a folder called "C:\Local Files\mne", but when the database was created the files were in "C:\Local Files\_sample". 

You should click on Yes and CataMalin will change its records to reference the files in "C:\Local Files\mne".

If you were to click on No, the thumbnails would show up but the images would not be found. You could either use Move Folder Reference on the File menu, or you could use Find Missing Image Files, also on the File menu.

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Last updated 02 March 2017